How to Social Bookmark All Posts Quickly Via Sitemap

Social Bookmarking is always a time-consuming task for bloggers.Lets find out how can we do it quickly by using our site’s XML sitemap.Let me remind you that Social Bookmarking is the easiest way as far as I know to build link and also it provides instant boost in SERPs.

After getting PageRank 4 I got many requests for publishing guest posts and I also published many.Therefore,To neutralize Google juice also known as link juice.I started again my link building campaign,As usual i never make one type of links instead I make almost every type of links so that I can face any Panda or Penguin Update in future.

Procedure is quite simple :

  1. Open your website’s sitemap in browser.
  2. Go to file then save page as and save the page on your local drive.
  3. I am using Mozilla Firefox here.Go to Bookmarks then click on show all Bookmarks.You will find there an option of import and backup,click on import Bookmarks from HTML.Then browse and locate the sitemap page you saved above and click on open.
  4. You will be able to see all your sitemap links in your Firefox Bookmarks just like this.
  5. Now again go to Bookmarks then click on show all Bookmarks.You will find there an option of import and backup,click on export Bookmarks as HTML.
  6. Now use this Bookmarks.HTML file at Social Bookmarking Sites that allow importing Firefox Bookmarks or from Delicious.So lets import in Delicious first :
    Go to settings and you will find an option to import links

  7. So was not this procedure simple.You can use few Social Bookmarking sites I am going to mention below as they allow importing from Delicious or Browser Bookmarks.I am also attaching a screenshot of successful importing so that you can make sure I have tested these Social Bookmarking sites before sharing with you and not blindly copied pasted. PR6  Screenshot of successful Linkagogo import PR5 Screenshot of successful url import Screenshot of successful url import
    These were few sites which i checked and found working.Let us know if you know any other Social Bookmarking site that allows importing so that we can add that site in the above list.

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