Essential SEO Plugins And Tips To Make Your Blog SEO Friendly

  Every blogger today wants to make his blog more SEO friendly for getting more traffic by organic traffic but most of them leave it just by assuming it very difficult and complicated but trust me its nothing like that.Wordpress is wonderful platform where you have maximum accessibility to monetize blog in very SEO friendly way.When i was using Blogspot i thought my blog is perfectly SEO monetized whereas when i used self hosted WordPress then i came to know about real SEO. Here are some of Essential SEO plugins and tips to make your blog perfectly SEO monetized :-
  • First of all choose niche for your blog and start writing about that particular niche.Take care of one thing in mind that choose that niche in which you are good at because the day will come that you will end up with all articles and your blog will be dead.
  • Add meta description and keywords to your WordPress blog using this SEO Meta Tags plugin.
  • Change permalink structure to custom enter following structure
  • Update your WordPress ping list by settings tab then writing.Too much pinging is also bad for SEO so i have tried to make it perfect.
  • Yes i know your next question that using so many plugins will slow down your WordPress or not? well according to best of my knowledge i will say no.It depends on plugin to plugin for Eg: Jetpack and site stats have high cpu usage instead of using that plugin you can use Google Analytics.the plugins i have suggested in this post are light and have very less CPU usage.
  • If you want to become a long lasting and good blogger then the most essential thing is honesty.If you are not honest then your blog will become dead after short interval.
  • According to Matt Cutts,there is some low quality content in your blog that is lacking your whole blog behind.If You are a regular reader of then you might have noticed that earlier i wrote or sometimes i copied articles from hacking forums(being honest blogger) but after taking inspiration from matt cutts and some indian big bloggers.I started writing about SEO and Blogging.Earlier my blog was having 450+ articles but now hardly 100 because i deleted all low quality and copied articles.
  • Don’t use plugins like Tweetmeme,Addtoany because they suck link juice.
  • Limit the number of outbound links and make all your outbound links Nofollow otherwise all link juice will be sucked by all external links and you will lose your page rank.Using this WP Nofollow Post Plugin you can do that.
Did you found this tutorial useful? Let me know and also share which plugin you use. Don’t Forget to comment.  

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  1. Thanks for the help bro,
    but can you tell me is using All in one SEO pack good?

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