Learn How to Unblock Game Websites

I am fond of online games and I also like to live my life free from restrictions. Internet access in my college is restricted; all of my favorite gaming websites are blocked. It really frustrated me when I initially joined the college. Fortunately I came across a free VPN service that made this world a beautiful place once more.


What is a VPN?

A VPN is a tool designed specifically for online purposes. I personally use it to access the blocked gaming sites. This VPN technology works as an encrypted channel between your device and an internet server and our network administrators can’t intercept my activities. VPN’s also ensure safe and secure pathways through which one’s data transfers. It allows you to play online games at places with limited internet access, like my campus, without the fear of someone spying you.

Choose the Best VPN

I have used different VPN’s to unblock games but recently I switched to Hotspot Shield VPN and it is a delight to use. It works seamlessly on PC, laptop, tablet computer, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iTouch and Android. Moreover, I was amazed to know that it also saves money on my cell phone bill! Last month when I was traveling abroad I realized that it offers data compression that enabled me to get two times the bandwidth from my existing data plan. I noticed this amazing additional feature when I was downloading through foreign networks.


If you’re a student in college like me and are fed up with lectures, feel free to explore your favorite pastimes and indulge in whatever online game you wish play without the possibility of being traced. With Hotspot Shield VPN you can access blocked games on your campus and even at your office without ever being noticed.

People in countries with restricted internet access searching for new ways to unblock online games should definitely use Hotspot Shield free VPN to not only play games but to access other blocked content as well.

Anonymously Unblock Games

With Hotspot Shield VPN you can play online games on any site with an anonymous identity, which means that neither your ISP nor your college network administrator will be able to recognize you while you’re online. This is made possible by assigning you the IP address of the server belonging to the VPN service provider so that your ISP or IT people in your college are not able to track you down. This leaves you free to access your favorite games, watch videos, and visit other social websites as an anonymous user.

Isn’t it a blessing to have a technology like Hotspot Shield in this world of restrictions? I think it is.


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