[Best] How To Get Virtual Credit Card And Domain For Free

Most of you might be interested in owning a website and a credit card but due to some reasons you might be unable to afford its hidden expenses.Are you searching for a free domain and a free virtual credit card then you have came to right place. 1) How to get a free virtual credit card: Have u heard of Entropay.Its a great website which helps you in getting virtual credit card for free.If you want to purchase anything then you can load funds from bank via bank transfer as well as by debit card.If you want this virtual credit card just for authentication then there is no need to load funds. 2) How to get a free domain name: Its simple too there is website wisconsingetonline,just signup there and start your free website.For authentication purpose add your zero loaded free virtual virtual credit card details there and start you website.After successful signup you can change the nameservers to your webhosting nameservers or you can also use this domain for blogger for replacing blogspot domain with your own custom domain. free-domain-namesThanx to Manojr Tiwari for sharing this useful info with me. Was this info helpful?If yes then please consider this post worth sharing. let me know which domain names you took.Dont forget to comment.    
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Aakash Goyal

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  2. I have created many websites with this. Actually, it’s Intuit’s initiative, partnering with Google. There is nothing to do with Wisconsin.

    Anyways, the reason I’m writing this comment is this – Even after changing the Name Servers, Intuit shows it’s default message everyday, disabling your complete website. Now I have many domains with Intuit, and I’ve experienced with each site that I have created. This doesn’t look professional. I have sent them a ticket and I’m yet to get a response. But I don’t really like this.

    Have you experienced the same?

  3. i have problem with entropay, reason entropay not support my country indonesia

  4. Aakash Goyal says:

    thanx opet for informing me about indonesia,its working perfectly in india.
    if i gone through any alternative for indonesia then surely i will inform you via mail.

  5. I need a domain name for free can some one help me? I have tried entro pay its not working for me I need a VCC to register on Intuit in order to get my free domain can any one tell me where can i get zero loaded valid VCC ?

  6. Aakash Goyal says:

    Arsalan : Maybe entropay is not available in your country.

  7. rengga jaka pratama says:

    hello, i’am from Indonesia, i found this problem too, can you help me ,please…

  8. Suman121000 says:

    Useless Entroplay stopped free signup because of creating free account without loading funds… And intuit don’t allow now entropay account to use twice like earlier… Nothing to try with entropay now