[Best] Aakash Tablet (Should You Buy Or Not)

I hope you have already gone through my previous article about Aakash Tablet PC (Aakash Tablet PC-The Darker Side) in which i told many key points in which this Tablet PC was lacking behind such as its processor,Battery life And the most important one was GPRS unavailability.

I have a good news for all those who were not going to purchase this tablet PC for all this problems( i was also one of them :) ). Ubislate has successfully upgraded this tablet PC.They have done a little extension in amount but there is huge improvement in their upgraded model fixing all the major problems like battery life,processor,and the most important GPRS Availability.

Here is a Table depicting differences in its models


Its highly recommended that you wait till January and purchase its upgraded model,If you purchased its basic model then its similar to throwing money in fire.If you are a student you can get the basic model at the discounted price of rs 1500 but for that you need to contact The Principal of your school or college to contact the official website either via email or toll free number.If you don’t want to indulge in these formalities like me and want to purchase the best(also best at price) then i will recommend you that spend 500rs extra by saving your pocket money and buy ONLY Upgraded version of Aakash tablet PC.

You can book your Aakash Tablet(both models) Here

One thing i want to remind you,i dont have any fight with IIT Rajasthan but i did not liked the way they did the fake publicity.

I was having doubt and later on i confirmed that IIT Rajasthan plays no miracle here,The stuff runs this machine, can be simply bought out of the box.


Aakash Tab January model has 1GB RAM according to latest accurate info best of my knowledge whereas Aakash basic model has only 256MB of RAM.So make wise decision and skip Aakash Tab basic model and pre-order Aakash Tab January Model.

Skip Aakash tablet and you should prebook Aakash 2[january model]

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  2. I was just dropped the idea to buy Aakash due to unavailability of GPRS.But now I would like to buy the Upgraded version.

  3. hi i just need to make a decision should we opt for aakash 2 or not?? i need for checking mails nd whatsapp

  4. Aakash Goyal says:

    Kabir if you might have read my previous article Aakash tablet the darker side,there i clarified in the end of post that there is fight going on between IIT and Datawind.IIT wants to put a watermark of IIT on it whereas Datawind is not ready to put watermark.Dont expect delivery Aakash Tablet.I think it was just a publicity stunt by Kapil Sibal.Dont purchase BSNL tablet as that is also sucking.If u can increase your budget to 12k then go for galaxy tab at sulekha deals otherwise there are many substitutes available at ebay.Try to find atleast 512mb RAM and capacitive touch for smooth functioning.

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