Aakash Tablet – The Darker Side

I know that may be my this post will amaze you as i earlier admired Aakash Tablet PC a lot.After deeply studying everything about Aakash Tablet PC,I noticed that almost every blogger was blindly appreciating it without reviewing it or knowing anything about it as they just copied pasted posts of aakash tablet pc as it was becoming high ranking keyword. Yap I know its cheapest tablet pc and it comes in two packages one for retailing and other for students,but you will be really disappointed when you will see quality of product,For eg: general electric tape is holding the whole circuit,also cheap wires connecting the circuit instead of better datacables.The screws were hard to screw back as screws were threaded on plastic side.Its difficult to expect serviceablity.

  1. The screen is rather unresponsive. I needed to push the screen very hard to acquire a response.
  2. It connects to internet only using Wi-Fi. Meaning if a person is travelling doesn’t have Wi-Fi, he’s screwed.
  3. It  gets hotter really fast. Which means in the heat environment of India, it could face problems.
  4. It does not support android market it means most of useful applications are out of your reach.
  5. Its disappointing battery backup that lasts for only 3 hours.
  6. You cant play any video from USB
I was having doubt and later on i confirmed that IIT Rajasthan plays no miracle here,The stuff runs this machine, can be simply bought out of the box. It was sent to 613 Students of IIT for beta testing but they reported that there are serious bugs which cant be fixed.There is arguement going on to put IIT watermark on this tablet whereas Datawind is denying as already there is much space occupied by logo Aakash.The students are waiting since a longer time to get hands on it but instead of delivering it thinking of a silly excuse of increasing its price nearly to double saying that due to huge demand of Aakash Tablet we are going to increase its price. Aakash Tablet was having only one great thing affordablity but now they are thinking to raise the prices then hardly anyone will think to purchase it as there are many substitutes available on ebay :) and the main question here arises is that is this best what student deserves.

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  1. I have buy akash tablet
    For use to then more

  2. And i have new tablet pc use this

  3. Bro jab itni sare diappointing ts hai aakash tablet ke to sabhi itna excited kyon hai main samjha nahi kuch

    • Aakash Goyal says:

      Listen Aakash’s basic model is of 2500 which is having many disappointing features but Aakash 2 fixed all those,so most of peoples are excited about Aakash-2

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