10 reasons why go for the cloud

Cloud or internet computing has grown tremendously since the days of Hotmail and Gmail. Advancements in technology, including mobile devices, high-speed internet and communications have all made the cloud an attractive and efficient place for businesses and individuals to operate. Today, the cloud offers great advantages for businesses and individuals alike.

Sometimes keeping abreast with the latest technology can be really difficult. Businesses, no matter their size, often have to deal with huge expenses in order to keep up with the current technology. So what are the reasons to go cloud?

The following are ten reasons why business should go for the cloud:

 1. Saves time

Business using software programs in management are often disadvantaged as it takes time for new programs to work at functional levels. Cloud computing ensures these hassles are avoided as one only needs internet access to access the information they want

2. Going green

In general, individual PCs are only utilized at about 10%-20% of their capacity. Also, PCs are sometimes left idle for hours consuming energy. Energy use can be consolidated when one pools resources into cloud computing. Basically, one saves on costs by only paying for energy consumed and the life of the PC is extended.

3. Fewer glitches

Applications serviced through the cloud need fewer versions. There is less frequent need for upgrades and they are normally maintained by data centers. Quite often, businesses get problems with software as they are not made to be utilized with similar applications. There is no sharing of data between departments since they use different software programs. Cloud computing makes it possible for users to integrate different kinds of applications such as e-mail, word processors, and management systems. Productivity among employees is enhanced when there are fewer glitches

4. Mobilization

From almost everywhere in the world, all services that are needed are available. One can conduct sales on the phone and track leads with a cell phone. The cloud offers users an amazing array of mobile devices that can access any applications. Firms are taking their sales productivity upwards while simultaneously providing their sales reps with top notch, professional devices to inspire them to carry out their jobs efficiently.

5. Fancy technology

The cloud gives customers a lot of access to power. A standard PC cannot be able to offer this power. Today applications utilize virtual power. Individuals can even design virtual assistants to automate tasks like managing dates, ordering, and providing reminders on upcoming meetings

6. Social media

Social networking is the way to go for entrepreneurs now and in the future. Companies are utilizing social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin to enhance their productivity levels. Companies are using blogs to communicate with consumers about improvements they need to make. Linkedin is a well-liked site that business professionals use for collaboration purposes. Similarly, target groups can be tracked more effectively by tagging networks in Facebook. These sites are using new advertising techniques, and businesses are benefiting from assimilating to a new more current world.


7. Customize

More often than not, companies buy the latest software hoping that it will increase their sales. At times, programs fall short in meeting their needs. Some businesses need customization which is not possible with standard software. The cloud enables the user to customize applications on a user-friendly platform. In the current competitive world, a business needs to be well ahead of competition. Customization will solve this problem.

8. IT staff cuts

There is no need to employ new IT staff as all services needed are taken care of by experts outside the company.

 9. Consumer trends

The most successful business practices are those that reveal consumer trends. Toady, many people with access to the internet use the cloud. Consumers want to use the cloud as it provides a modern approach to conduct business.

10. There are no hardware-related problems with cloud computing

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