Misconceptions and Rumours About SEO Bloggers Generally have

I am writing this article as i am also one of those bloggers who keep reading  about SEO and apply various SEO techniques to have good traffic and visibly in search engine without  knowing the adverse effect of those techniques.Here are some misconceptions people generally have and also i have tried to give you explanation to those misconception and rumours.There are many Blackhat products in market which shows you fake testimonials and fetches your money.


  1. Blackhat products like Scrapebox,Blackbox WordPress plugin and other blog commenting software generates huge backlinks and thus increases page rank of your blog.
  2. Usage of search friendly Permalinks in WordPress reduces performance of the blog.
  3. Due to any emergency if we were unable to blog then it will reduce traffic drastically.
  4. Ads on the blog effects search engine rankings 
  5. If we submit articles to different  blog directories,it increases search engine ranking due to backlinks at those directories.
  6. The bloggers like me write original content and some leechers copies our content without giving any credit and sometimes obtain higher ranking even better than the original content.
  7. Allowing guest post in blog helps to increase traffic and search engine ranking.
  8. There should be optimum length of URL of blog posts.
  9. Using robot plugin which converts blog into Autoblog and spinning articles we can  generate great traffic.
  10. We have to use exact acronym which is having high Pagerank to enhance Pagerank.


Explanations to these misconceptions

  1. Scrapebox,Xrumer,Blackbox WordPress plugin and all other commenting and posting Blackhat softwares just make you fool.First of all you have to purchase the software then you have to purchase fresh proxies which will cost you another 100 usd.Yes,these softwares comments or post on blogs or forums but if you apply some common sense then how a good blog(for example this blog ;) ) will allow to get it spammed,another thing the links they post are on punny blogs which are mostly autoblogs or very spammed blogs.usage of these softwares will instead of increasing,it will decrease your traffic and also further you will also get penalized by google.believe me i have tried and tested everything,its really impossible to cheat google’s panda algorithm.Google’s Panda Algorithm can think 10 times evil than you.I recommend you that instead you should put 20 backlinks in a month by commenting at blogs and follow organic seo.Blackhat SEO can make your artificial page rank maximum for one month but after that you will get badly penalized by google.
  2. Yes,this statement was right till earlier versions of worpress.In 3.o and above version of WordPress this issue got solved.Now you can use search friendly permalink /%category%/%postname%/%post_id%/ without any problem in wordpress.further i want to tell you that never leave space in name of images and also instead of using _ to seperate name use -.
  3. No,Your existing content will remain relevant till that time and if you are having self hosted version then make sure it’s properly locked down and secure from getting hacked.
  4. Not at all,Ads don’t have any impact on search engine even if its 3 or 5.
  5. No,I will prefer if you put all that content on your own blog.Google just want unique content.have patience after all wonders did not make in a day.
  6. Google is brilliant in identifying the original content.To ensure that google identify your original content make sure that date and time stamp of your post is easily visible and accessible.Google will automatically penalize to scrapers.Its very rare case that duplicate content become more popular than original content.
  7. This is reliable in very few cases but in most cases it results into converting blog into article directory and getting badly spammed.Some members post some illegitimate links and google penalyzes your blog for that.In such cases you can assign membership to contributor and then review each article’s quality of writing and uniqueness and then only approve it.
  8. No.it depends on user to user.
  9. As i said earlier it can generate good traffic for very small time.As if we spin article through any software it replace words with similar words and that spinned article makes no sense.So if a visitor visited your autoblog once will never visit again as visitor know that it contains articles with no sense.
  10. No not all,There is a good solution to this problem you can use similar terms several times in article but make sure it should not turn your article into spam For eg:If you are writing article on datacards,In article sometime call it datacard,Sometime call it e stick,Sometime call it USB Modem and so on.

I hope this article would have cleared some of your misconceptions and rumours about SEO.I am excited to get your comments.So now its your turn to write[feedback].

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