How To Get Most Out Of Adsense

I am using Adsense since 6-7 months but i was getting revenue only 10-15 USD per month that too hardly.It was too disappointing whenever i login and checkout the same amount every time,Whereas my blogging friends post their whooping income on their blog and also announcing their future plans to buy car,Macbook etc.It made me aggressively conscious and i start Googling the secret behind their success.After reading thousands of blogs and Matt Cutt’s advices,I noticed that there were two noob friendly main points.

There were two main reasons behind their success:

  1. Unique and Quality Content
  2. High Pagerank Backlinks

Firstly I was having unique content but there were few older low quality posts which i deleted.Lower quality post does not mean low quality content,It simply means that your post is not getting any traffic.You can also edit them and update them.

Secondly i never considered generating Backlinks before using WordPress.When i was using Blogspot,For me (SEO noob at that time) pinging URL was generating backlinks.Then i started using WordPress then i came to know that by commenting we can generate backlinks.Later on i came to know that also comments are easy links,Best links are blogroll Dofollow links.

Add these URLs in competitive ad filter

Block these URLs and you will be able to get better amount per click.Here is the list:


  • If you are using Self Hosted WordPress then install all in one seo pack plugin and update your ping list.

  • Your Adsense account can be terminated if you do any of activity like adding more than 100 links in a page,Selling Pagerank (selling links from your blog),Duplicate content,multiple domains are having similar content.

  • Keep your adsense links blue and add a 728 x 90 block near the top, a 336 x 280 in the content and a 120 x 600 side block(above fold) and blend your website to webpage.
  • Place the ads where you think visitors will likely be can place like this:
    After applying all these points i can get atleast 1 usd per day thats much better than earlier and also i got PageRank 2.
    Hope all these tips will be useful to you,If you liked it then please consider it worth sharing.

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