3 Signs you’ll fail Blogging and How to Correct Your Paths

Signs that you will Fail as a Blogger

There are too many factors that could cause bloggers failure. Many bloggers over the years have failed woefully all because they prefer not to do what is right at the right time, or they are missing something somewhere which might even become harder for them to cope with.

Over the years, I have come to understand many things that could be behind the soaring failure ratio of many bloggers online, and I can now say I have some basic understandings of majority of them. I have now come with some basic guidelines which I know, if use rightly, is going to change your blogging life permanently (I mean your blogging career is going to experience a systematic change overnight without much ado).

These basic things are what many people have left undone for years, which I believed might have increased their knowledge and productivity and earn them more respect and money without any struggle for years. But, few bloggers knew this secret while large percentage of bloggers knew it not.

Here below are the basic three signs that you can notice which could bring about failure in your blogging journey. And I have proffered you here some basic remedies to them without struggle.


Believing that Sharing isn’t caring

Any blogger in any kind of niche who believes that sharing isnt truly caring is bound to fail. That is just the truth about blogging.

Nothing to gain from blogging for such a person, and such individual should just leave blogging for other high paying jobs out there which I knew is even not available for just anybody who loves to get without giving.

You can’t even easily get any good paying job at this time of economic downturn. The problem is, there is no more job security out there, but, blogging offers you something even more than job security –which mean, you have nothing to lose if you can only play the game by its rules.

Caring is by sharing what you have/know with group of peoples who need those things mostly. Doing that mean, you are helping them solve some problems in their day-to-day lives whereas you are also building a strong brand and name for your blog and business.

So, if you don’t believe in the phrase “sharing is caring”, I’m afraid you might end up halfway instead of getting to your main aim.

Not posting new contents all the time

Content is king and it is very certain that a blog with good contents will always get more visitors from search engines. That is why you need to write more on your blog all the time so that you can be able to create a community of readers. Drive more people to your blog so that they could read and learn from your website all the time. Never allow a day or a week to pass without one or two posts on your blog because that will be the attraction of traffic to your website.

Too lazy to work things out

Laziness is a disease for anyone whose aim is to make money and become successful blogging. You must avoid all form of lazy behaviours and face the reality of life – work hard and get result and not to avoid working and expect good results.

Failure to do what is right at the right time

Doing the right thing at the right time has a lot to do with blogging. You should always be on the lookout for what you can do to better your website – it may be a guest post you are about to write for driving traffic to your website or some comments to improve your backlinks. Just make sure that you do what is right at the right time and avoid anything that could disturb you from doing what is right to attain your position of authority as a blogger.

Neglecting basic SEO skills

Immediately you start to think that SEO basically for the experts and the big companies, that is when you would begin to lose what you’ve tried to realized over the years. You must also take part in your blog’s SEO tasks. If all you need to do is to learn basic Search engine optimization skill, then go for it.

You can’t go far without any SEO skills or knowledge. You need these skills when you are about to post new articles on your blog because; failure to do that will cause your post not to rank on google for any keyword that you wants it to rank for.

I believe these tips and suggestions are what might have been affecting you from breaking the jinx of blogging? If yes is your case, kindly share your experiences below so that others could learn from your experiences right here.

This is a guest post written by Olawale Daniel .If you also wish to submit guest post,join us here.

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