The Definitive Guide to Czech Republic SEO

The Czech Republic is the rare country where any another search engine has given competition to Google after Bing in the United States. In fact, a few months ago, It dominated over Google, and after vigorous efforts by Google’s marketing team, Google finally recovered its market share in the Czech Republic.

Yes, Seznam search engine is being discussed here.

Jana Laňková (Techdesk @ says dominated for a long time as was the first search engine in Czech and focused on a content in Czech (at the beginning it was a catalog, then it became to be a Fulltext search engine). was first in 1996, Google rolled out their services in Czech in 2006.

  • Basic SEO parameters checklist for Seznam (Kontrolní formulář)

Just like Google’s search console, Seznam has got the minimal tool (Kontrolní formulář) to check few SEO parameters of your website. At least they help in letting you know that whether your site and sitemap are accessible by Seznambot or not.

On Kontrolní formulář, You can check your site’s title, Meta description, Language and whether your site’s sitemap is accessible or not.

Czech Republic Seznam SEO Checklist

Czech Republic Seznam SEO results


  • Keyword Planner for Seznam ( 

If you want to have keyword planner experience of Seznam, then they have a service Sklik. By using its keyword planner tool, you can find out Seznam search volume for desired keywords.

For common keywords, is much cheaper than Google Adwords but lacks various advancements and reach like Google have. 


  • Google Trends alternative for Seznam 

If you want to experience Google trends for Seznam, you can try this tool.

For e.g. if you need search stats and trends for Oběd (lunch) in the Czech Republic you can visit this link ( to find out search insights for term Oběd.

Seznam Search Trends

Seznam Search Trends


  • Hreflang Tag for language and country level targeting for the Czech Republic

Make sure you are using Hreflang tag, and your website is available in Cestina language too.
For, e.g.,

<link rel=”alternate” href=”” hreflang=”en” />
<link rel=”alternate” href=”” hreflang=”cs-cz” />

You can use Hreflang Tags Generator tool for this.

Hreflang tag generator tool

After adding Hreflang tags,

– If your user is on, they will see this page:

– If your user is on, they will see this page:

  • Declaring the content language in meta tags

Add the content-language meta tag to the head of country level page of Czech Republic.

<meta http-equiv=“content-language” content=“cs-cz” />

  • Verifying implementation of Hreflang tags via Google’s Search Console

You can check the implementation of tags in Google’s Search Console. Navigate to Search Traffic >> International Targeting.
It will show you Language and country, Don’t be surprised if it shows Hreflang tags with errors “No return tags”. 

No Return Tags Error                              
In the country tab, you will be able to find out which country your website is targeting. You can change it to your preferred country.

International Targeting Country

  • Boosting your business’s local presence via local listings (

If you have a local business then don’t forget and to get the advantage of local search traffic. NAP (Name Address Phone No.) Listings help in boosting local search traffic.

czech republic seo firmy cz

  • If you aren’t satisfied by their crawler’s indexing service, you can ask helpdesk executives to push your website’s sitemap manually in crawler by pinging up at the helpdeskSeznam can index only three lacs URLs, So if you have a website with more than three lacs webpages.You need to add pages in sitemap wisely.

  • Just like Google’s PageRank, Seznam has S-rank you can check it on S-rank can be used to find the popularity of the site in the Czech Republic, which uses Seznam’s own algorithm including links from authority sites (preferably local CZ sites). S-rank is one of the essential criteria of ranking in Seznam, higher S-rank leads to better visibility in Seznam SERPs.

    Czech Republic SEO S Rank

Hope these points will help you out in identifying the hidden potential of Seznam in bringing traffic from the Czech Republic.

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