And Here Google’s Panda Algorithm Fails

Google’s Panda algorithm has many pros and cons.For many bloggers it  lead to huge traffic drop and at the same time it lead to huge decrease in traffic for many bloggers.The most disappointing thing is that blogs which are copying unique content are getting higher rank than unique content,This problem is even with great blogs like  matt cutts[Head of Google Webspam Team]’s Blog.I have provided screenshot to show you where google’s panda algorithm fails or we can say Google Fails.The keyword has even high ranking than official gmail blog.Google’s Panda Algorithm is to favour major blogs or blogs and decrease ranking poor quality content containing blogs but this screenshots shows some weird results by google and that too for their own product.   google-panda-fails2google-panda-fails1 google-panda-fails4google-panda-fails3   If you still cant believe then search on google by yourself “”,”” or “”. Google’s Engineers should find out problem in their algo and instead of removing it manually they should find out where their algo lacks behind.

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