How to Make your WordPress TurboFast

Hello Readers First of all warm welcome to my blog.Today i will write about How you can make your Wordpress page loading turbofast.Since according to Matt Cutts(head of Google’s Webspam team) page loading is very significant factor in search engine ranking.Google gives priority to the blogs or sites which load faster.After researching i have found three awesome Wordpress plugins which will make your wordpress … [Read more...]

Misconceptions and Rumours About SEO Bloggers Generally have

I am writing this article as i am also one of those bloggers who keep reading  about SEO and apply various SEO techniques to have good traffic and visibly in search engine without  knowing the adverse effect of those techniques.Here are some misconceptions people generally have and also i have tried to give you explanation to those misconception and rumours.There are many Blackhat products in market which shows … [Read more...]