5 Best WordPress Plugins For Building Community


With the emergence of social media websites like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, the real meaning of community changed drastically. In fact today, people not only use these sites for exchanging information, ideas and opinions, but are also using in close integration with WordPress plugins for the blogging and content publishing purposes. If you want to build a community around these sites then adding these plugins can … [Read more...]

How to Social Bookmark All Posts Quickly Via Sitemap


Social Bookmarking is always a time-consuming task for bloggers.Lets find out how can we do it quickly by using our site's XML sitemap.Let me remind you that Social Bookmarking is the easiest way as far as I know to build link and also it provides instant boost in SERPs. After getting PageRank 4 I got many requests for publishing guest posts and I also published many.Therefore,To neutralize Google juice also … [Read more...]

10 Effective Yet Safe Ways To Generate Backlinks


Since every beginner blogger keep on searching the ways to generate backlinks and improve the blog's ranking in SERPs.I was also one of those beginners blogger and Today i am going to share with you proven effective ways of generating backlinks,Which i found useful and also Whitehat (Since some bloggers hate the blackhat things and don't want to take any risk of sandboxing). If you are thinking of getting … [Read more...]

How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Blog

How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Blog

Pinterest is the latest social media craze, most popularly used by women to create virtual pin boards relating to design, fashion, beauty, crafts, and recipes. In order to use Pinterest, users will pin images to virtual pin boards created on a wide variety of themes and topics. A pin will link an image to a website or blog using a “Pin It” button installed into a website browser. As of December 2011, … [Read more...]