Google ARC Lets You Run Android Apps in Chrome Browser

Google released a developer tool ARC (Application Runtime for Chrome) Welder which allows you to run various Android apps on Chrome Browser. It is based on Google's experiment to run Android apps for testing purposes without need of some specific operating system and they called this experiment as Application Runtime for Chrome. ARC is a sandboxing technology to run Android Apps on Chrome Web Browser in an … [Read more...]

Google Drive To Be Unveiled Next Week

Leaked reports revealed that Google Drive could be available to consumers as early as next week. Although these are just rumors that are swirling around, reports came out as early as March that Google would be releasing its own online storage and collaboration service sometime in April.   These rumors appear to be true now together with some additional information spicing them up. Rather than the … [Read more...]

Google And Facebook Clarified : Impossible To Censor Internet

As you all know Indian Court asked the Internet companies to monitor all content provided on their sites.Google and Facebook are two of the 22 companies summoned by Delhi Court for hosting explicit offensive content.Indian Court is trying its best to convince Internet Companies to monitor all content provided on their websites,however Google and Facebook clearly said that its impossible to monitor all content on … [Read more...]