How To Make Killer Facebook Timeline Covers

Most of you have heard about and used Facebook Timeline,Do you want to dominate over Facebook Timeline and improve the way you look to your audience this much that it even gets integrated with your Business.I have seen many of friends on Facebook using some app branded FB covers,I don't like them at all.Using silly images at as Facebook cover.So here i am going you to tell a way to create killer Facebook covers … [Read more...]

Google And Facebook Clarified : Impossible To Censor Internet

As you all know Indian Court asked the Internet companies to monitor all content provided on their sites.Google and Facebook are two of the 22 companies summoned by Delhi Court for hosting explicit offensive content.Indian Court is trying its best to convince Internet Companies to monitor all content provided on their websites,however Google and Facebook clearly said that its impossible to monitor all content on … [Read more...]

Hidden Motive Behind Censorship In India

You all might have heard about recent discussion about Censorship in India by Kapil Sibal.Yes he is the man behind limiting SMS limit to 200 by calling it preventing spam for the welfare of people. Now he is having another unreasonable and unreliable demand for censorship.We all know that Kapil Sibal did not thought about these things before the protest by Anna.When Anna[India Against Corruption] got huge … [Read more...]

Access Facebook On Any Phone Via USSD Without Internet

Facebook and Fonetwish partnered to make it possible to access Facebook via every phone.So its now possible to access Facebook via phones of stone ages for eg : Nokia 1100 which you consider not more than making or receiving calls,You can access Facebook on it. The whole thing runs in USSD interface and that is very easy to use. So now i will tell you how it works: Currently this service is … [Read more...]

Facebook Status Update Limit Increased

Facebook keep on doing many changes,earlier most of those were disliked by us for eg: image viewer etc.Now facebook increased status update limit from 5000 characters to 63,206 characters,it means almost 12 times.It was firstly informed by facebook journalist page.                     Facebook started with limit of 160 characters … [Read more...]